Vendor FDA Awareness Kit & Questions Answered

Vendor FDA Awareness Kit & Questions Answered

After thoroughly reviewing the FDA deeming regulations as well as speaking with the top industry experts, we have came to the conclusion that this kit will be a necessary tool for your success at both of our shows. Here is what you need to know to stay in compliance as an exhibitor.

18+ Age Restriction-

All attendees ID’s will be checked at the door by our staff, also all exhibitors will be required to card for any samples and all transactions at your booth.


A paid samples card will be issued upon check in for $1.00 usd, this card will allow attendees to obtain 0 nic only samples and/or use 0 nic testers at the booth (All money from paid samplers cards will be split between the following non-profit organizations, CASAA,SFATA & Vaping Militia).  All sample packaging will be required to state the following in a clearly visible font: (NICOTINE FREE)  (THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT CONTAIN NICOTINE)

Stage Giveaways-

For your protection stage giveaways will be limited to T-shirts, Hats ,Stickers, Coupons, Vouchers and some Hardware.
Also we will be having multiple stage announcements encouraging the attendees to take some time and write a physical letter to congress at the show and we will take care of the shipping and handling. Both of our shows will have booths where these letters can be drafted and any needed assistance will be provided.  We believe that this unification will gather thousands of responses and help save this industry from wrath of the deeming regulations.